Living on the Edge

Today, MSF (Doctors Without Borders) released a report. This report is rather important, and it explains incredibly well what UAEM is fighting for. This report is called Lives on the Edge. And this report may well change your perceptions on how the world works.

Lives on the Edge details the failings of the current pharmaceutical industry and Research and Development (R+D) process. It discusses why we’re currently failing in delivering health care to so many in need, and how we can go about taking steps to help those who need it most.

I’ll let the report speak for itself, but it’s something I’d highly recommend reading. It is life changing, and will start a passion within you to fight for justice, to change the system away from medicines for profit and towards medicines for people.

You can access the report here, even if you just spend a few minutes flicking through it’ll be worth your time!